Fonto translates to the source.
Our mission is to be the source of consumer truth, providing the most accurate research and insights to help businesses make better decisions.

There’s a reason we’re disrupting the market

Regrettably, market research is often based on inaccurate data, collected from dubious respondents, via recall methodology in an untimely manner, providing a poor-quality snapshot to support strategic decisions.

Fonto was built to overcome these challenges.
Conduct research with real consumers verified by actual spending behaviour.
Access a live longitudinal consumer data ecosystem to answer key questions quickly.
Use data to answer the “what”, integrated with survey research to answer the “why”.
View topline market metrics to better understand the landscape.

Our consumer propositions bring a permission-based platform for research and analytics


A simple budgeting app where you can earn extra $$ doing surveys.


A survey app where you earn double pay & extra surveys when you link your bank accounts.

Our ecosystem

24 months historical spending data when people join, updated daily - providing a live, longitudinal data and research community.
verified members
Merchants & 40+ categories coded & organised
of transactions de-identified,
categorised & curated
The ability to engage members (based on transactions) at any time to conduct survey research


Gender: Male
Age: 38
Income: $100K
Location: St. Kilda


Spending across all categories


The ability to ask survey questions whenever anything interesting happens in the data

Our partnership model

We collaborate with consultancies, data analytics companies, investment firms, research agencies, media organisations and corporate clients to enable better decision making.

Our Team

Aodhagán Grisewood

Head of Product & Customer Experience

Ben Dixon

CEO & Founder

Ben Trinh

Full-stack Developer

Camila Leonardo

Project Manager

Cassie LaForest

Senior Research Consultant

David Elias

Senior Scripter-Programmer

Ines Obermair


Jack O'Mahony

Head of Data

Jenny Dechnicz

Head of Scripting & Data Processing

Jon O'Loughlin

Head of Client Development

Juan Arangüena


Mrinal Bhardwaj

Senior Data Analyst

Oscar Fan

Full-stack Developer

Pauline Pau

Senior Survey Programmer

Priscilla Keane

Customer Support Executive

Richard Frawley


Sam Almutair


Stephen Shaw

Account Executive

Tanbir Ahmed

Senior Scripter

Toby Jattke

Research Panel Manager

Viktoryia Urukova

Product Designer

Some A’s to your Q’s

Who does Fonto work with?

We work with many corporate clients directly and also have a go-to-market partner approach. We believe the new era of qualified and validated consumer insights should be available to everyone.  

We also work with consultancies, data analytics companies, investment firms, research agencies, media organisations and government departments.

We bring additional power and insight to what you offer your clients.

Can we engage Fonto like a traditional research panel?

Yes. Whilst we have excellent data capabilities and can add extra value in many ways, one of our core capabilities is high quality survey research, which keeps our members earning and engaged.  

Try our online panel services, and experience the difference.

How do you verify your members?

We have a 3-stage member verification process on sign-up:
1. Mobile phone number validation
2. Email address validation
3. Active Australian bank account validation

This process ensures we are fraud and bot resistant, and members cannot engage or get paid on our platform unless they have an active Australian bank account.

We also employ additional in-survey checks, screening and exclusions to ensure the best possible quality.

What countries do you currently operate in?

Fonto’s roadmap is to be a global organisation, but getting the model right in our home country first is critical. We are currently only operating in Australia. Stay tuned.

How does Fonto source its data?

Fonto has two wholly owned consumer propositions – Humaniti ( and Surveyz ( that enable people to get financially rewarded when they share their data and opinions.  

These platforms provide a robust data lake of bank transactions from adult Australians, updated every day. Based on that de-identified spending data, our members can be selected for online survey research.  

We call it a live, longitudinal, single-source, data and research community.

How does Fonto handle data?

All Fonto data is handled safely and securely in Australia. We are ISO 27001 certified, and compliant with Australian privacy guidelines.

Our members double opt-in to share their information in a de-identified, secure and aggregated way. We regularly handle client supplied sample and data through our encrypted secure data rooms.

Looking for accuracy,

speed and

insight to power

business decision making?