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Updated daily with every transaction you see on your bank statement, Fonto’s transactional data gives access to a granular view of category and brand spending behaviour. This data is organised, curated and made privacy and ISO compliant. This is ideal for brands to understand market share and identify growth opportunities.

The flexibility of the Fonto data ecosystem allows for longitudinal measurement or specific time periods to quantify the impact of promotions or advertising activity. The ability to track an individual’s share of wallet provides a unique view of real spending repertoire and behavioural loyalty.
Case study
Provided a QSR brand with longitudinal market share data across the delivery aggregator category, informing cross-category partnerships.


Fonto’s unique “trigger” capability allows a survey to be automatically sent to our members within 24 hours of their purchase. This is ideal for providing a validated and timely view of customer experience, purchase mindset or instore activations including promotions.

Complementary to in-house CX programs, the Fonto trigger methodology allows you to see competitor CX measures, highlighting opportunities and threats in the market.
Case study
Provided competitive CX measurement for leading fast-food restaurants, by implementing near real-time trigger surveys to verified customers across all major brands.


The Fonto ecosystem facilitates a privacy compliant connection between a member’s survey responses and that same member’s transactional information. The transactional data is categorised by brand and time period. This one-to-one connection opens up numerous opportunities to validate and link perception and opinion to financial outcomes.  

Connected transactional data offers a whole new dimension and evolutionary approach to market research.
Case study
Empowered a major grocery retailer to understand the dollar value of moving people through the brand funnel, shaping marketing spend, prioritisation and target setting.


Fonto authenticates our members through their mobile, email and active Australian bank account. This ensures the Fonto panel is bot-resistant and populated by genuine, adult Australians.

Coupled with a wide range of recruitment sources and fair reward for respondents’ time, the highest quality data is delivered to maximise insight. This is all facilitated by an experienced Australian team.
The real world is mirroring the research. Which, in itself, is unusual….normally it’s a similar trend at best. In this case, it is almost a perfect match
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