Australian Fuel and Automotive sectors

When it comes to brand loyalty, Australian drivers are a fickle bunch.

In August 2021, Australians were spending 30% less on fuel compared to the amount spent pre-Covid. Fonto’s integrated transactional and survey data shows the largest dips to fuel spend were during the various lockdown periods throughout 2020 and 2021. On average NSW drivers spend more on fuel than drivers in the rest of the country.

When it comes to brand loyalty, Australian drivers are a fickle bunch. On average, customers buy fuel from four different brands with 25% buying from six different brands. Only 15% stick to the one brand. In the past 12 months, 59% of customers have bought fuel from both Caltex Woolworths and Shell Coles Express.

Convenience is the main reason for choosing a fuel station with 61% filling up at a petrol station close to home. After convenience, 43% purchase fuel connected to loyalty programs such as a supermarket or fuel brands, and 43% are driven by price. 48% of petrol buyers regularly use a fuel price app to check for the best price.

Drivers in the geographically smaller states purchase fuel 2.6 times per month (NSW and Victoria) with the larger states purchasing 3.2 times per month (Qld and WA).

When asked what type of car they’re most likely to buy next, 26% said they would probably/definitely purchase a hybrid vehicle, 25% would probably/definitely purchase a full electric vehicle with 31% probably/definitely buying an autonomous vehicle.

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